Let’s master the basics of Live2D ⑨Bonus

Let’s master the basics of Live2D.
In this course, you will learn the basics and know-how of Live2D using “Hotaru Yoinagi,” and learn how to create Live2D data with an eye to incorporating it into games and applications.

In the “⑨Bonus” section, you will introduce some functions and know-how that were not introduced when creating Hotaru-chan, as well as tips and tricks for improving quality and other small techniques.
Once you have mastered the basics, watch this video to improve your skills!

The data used in this lecture can be downloaded from the URL in the comments section.

■ Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:19 1)About the data we use
0:46 2)Re-import PSD
6:38 3)Switching eye images
9:02 4)Expression Effects
11:07 5)Blend method
12:45 6)Add fluffing-out swaying
16:41 7)Check XY angles
18:08 8)Random posing
19:06 9)Control draw order of arms
21:09 10)Register shortcut keys
22:07 11)Lip-sync with voice data