Let’s master the basics of Live2D ⑦Legs and Arms,Physics,Final Check

Let’s master the basics of Live2D.
In this course, you will learn the basics and know-how of Live2D using “Hotaru Yoinagi,” and learn how to create Live2D data with the intention of incorporating it into games and applications.

In “⑦Legs and Arms,Physics,Final Check” you will learn the movements of legs and arms, overall expansion/contraction and position adjustment movements, physical computation, hit detection, blink and lip-sync settings, texture atlas creation, and final adjustment to complete the model.
Learn by comparing the model with a sample!

The data used in this course can be downloaded from the URL in the comments section.

■ Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:26 1)About the data we use
0:56 2)Right leg
2:27 3)Left leg
5:31 4)Right upper arm
14:19 5)Right lower arm
20:02 6)Right wrist
23:46 7)Right fingers
27:42 8)Left arm
31:34 9)Overall scaling
32:49 10)Overall XY location
34:14 11)Physics
42:53 12)Collision detection
45:14 13)Bliking/lip sync settings
46:17 14)Texture atlas
52:23 15)Palameter(s) ID settings
53:57 16)Final check