Let’s master the basics of Live2D  ③Basics of Deformation and Parameters

Let’s master the basics of Live2D.
In this course, you will learn the basics and know-how of Live2D using “Hotaru Yoinagi,” and learn how to create Live2D data with an eye to incorporating it into games and applications.

In section ③ “Basics of Deformation and Parameters” you will learn how to deform art meshes and warp deformers and how to set parameters while adding facial expressions to Live2D models.
Parameters are very important for adding movement in Live2D, so be sure to keep them in mind!

The data used in this course can be downloaded from the URL in the comments section.

■ Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:22 1)About the data we use
0:52 2)About the parameter(s)
2:02 3)How to deform objects
10:03 4)View area settings
11:49 5)Create expression by deforming ArtMesh
55:32 6)When you are in trouble
57:57 7)When you create one side and reverse it