Let’s master the basics of Live2D ①Separating Textures

Let’s master the basics of Live2D.
In this course, you will learn the basics and know-how of Live2D using “Hotaru Yoinagi,” and learn how to create Live2D data with the intention of incorporating it into games and applications.

In “①Separating Textures” we will explain how to prepare the textures before starting the Live2D process, and how to separate the textures to make the illustration move easily.
The quality of the model and its range of motion will vary greatly depending on how carefully this process is completed, so be sure to study it carefully!

The data used in this course can be downloaded from the URL in the comments section.

■ Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:17 1)The Graphic Software That We Use
3:48 2)About the data we use
8:09 3)The Setting Before We Launch
12:34 4)Separating and Adding Coloring To Smaller Parts
14:12 5)Finiched The Separation and Drawing Process
15:00 6)Create PSD Data For Importing